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Brandon Pendergraft, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - psychotherapist trained and practicing from the psychoanalyst tradition.

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Thank you for visiting this page and considering me as a potential candidate in your search to find a psychotherapist.  My name is Brandon Pendergraft ,I am a psychotherapist certified in the pschoanalyst tradition and I live to help people create lasting change and freedom in their lives.  As a psychotherapist, I truly love what I do, and I love working with people who are motivated to find freedom and balance in their lives. 

See the testimonials page for more about how I work. I know that the process of searching for a therapist, psychologist, or psychotherapist,is overwhelming. So, at the bottom of the page I answer questions that come up when searching for a  therapist, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychoanalyst, etc., namely: What is psychotherapy?  What is the difference between a psychotherapist, psychologist, psychoanalyst, therapist, and psychiatrist and who is right for me? 

I look forward to answering any further questions you may have  concerning the right treatment or type of therapist for you, and invite you to peruse this site to find out more about the type of psychotherapy services offered. 
Please feel free to call for a free initial consultation or ask any further questions (714)589-2433.

Brandon Pendergraft
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
18811 Huntington St. Suite 250
Huntington Beach, Ca 92648
Twitter: @BPTherapist

What is psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a form of therapy that is psychological in nature and focuses on healing the psychological wounds that prevent someone from living a life that is fulfilling.  There are many types of psychotherapy, i.e. sex therapy, psychoanalyst, spiritual counseling, etc.  Psychotherapy is generally performed by a psychotherapist, or someone who is licensed to practice psychotherapy, such as a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Psychologist, a Psychoanalyst, a Licensed Professional Counselor, etc.

How to choose between a therapist, counselor, psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychotherpist, or any other mental health professional?
A psychiatrist is a MD, that generally only prescribes medication and generally are not a psychotherapist or psychologist, though rarely are a psychoanalyst.  If you are seeing a psychiatrist, please see a psychotherapist in conjunction to 1) manage your symptoms, and 2) as the medications do not heal and may cause damage long term if you are not seeking healing with a psychotherapist.

The terms therapist counselor and psychotherapist generally are equivalent.  A good therapist, counselor, or psychotherapist will acquire at least a Master's level education, get specific clinical training, and solely work with patients.  A psychologist gets their Psy.D., or Ph.D., often to teach, do assessments, do research, etc. A psychologist may also have a practice where they see people, though often a psychologist is involved in other elements of mental health rather than being a practicing psychotherapist. A Psychoanalyst, becomes certified or receives a Psy.D. or Ph.D., receives the highest level of clinical training as a psychotherapist, and usually is a psychotherapist or psychologist before entering training as a psychoanalyst. 

A therapist, counselor, psychoanalyst, or psychologist is generally licensed to engage in talk therapy, or psychotherapy.  The difference between a therapist, counselor, psychoanalyst, or psychologist is generally rather minimal.  Regardless of who you see the most important aspect of therapy is your comfort with the psychotherapist that you are sitting across from, and that change is created with them.  The designation of psychoanalyst, psychologist, therapist, psychotherapist, counselor, etc., doesnt' matter if you are getting better.

Some elements to consider in choosing the right therapist psychotherapist or psychoanalyst for you: 1) Did they really listen to you? 2) Did you feel comfortable and safe, like you could stretch out and relax? 3) Do you feel like they offered you a sense of hope and change? 4) Did you feel like they connected with you?, 5) Do you feel like the psychotherapist, psychologist, or psychoanalyst that you are seeing is passionate about their job? 

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