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The purpose of this page is to help you gain an understanding of the therapeutic work that I do, similar to an artist who would have a portfolio, I have put together some success stories to help you understand the type of therapy that I offer.  This list is in no way comprehensive but provides a good snap shot.

                -A woman who came to see me later in life that had suffered from sexual abuse, as a young girl, and had lived all of her adult years significantly depressed.  When she came to see me she was on the highest dosage of antidepressant available for prescription by her doctor and was told that she would be taking the medication and suffering from depression all of her years.  After much hard work she was gradually able to reduce the dosage of her antidepressant, and eventually get off of the drug completely.  Over the years she checks in to state that she is still to this day off of her medication, and though she struggles with the normal ups and downs of life she knows that freedom exists and that she will never need medication again.

                 -A gentleman that came to see me, who had been suffering from sexual addiction since early in his teen years.  He had been to several different counselors in the past who had helped him to manage the symptoms, while he was in therapy with the other counselors, but eventually ended up acting out again.  The man was filled with shame over the state of his double life, how it had affected his marriage and family, and was willing to do whatever it took to get his life back on track.  This man was able to build trust in the therapeutic process, and through the journey, overcome this most serious addiction.  Today this man lives free from both acting out sexually and the pervasive thoughts related to acting out.  He has restored his relationship to his wife and family, feels strong in his identity, and is proud of who he is as a man.

                - A couple came in as they basically felt there was no hope for the relationship and were seriously considering divorce.  Their communication had degraded to the point that they treated strangers better than they treated each other.  Both of them were bitter, angry, and hated one another which was about all they could connect on at the beginning of therapy.  Our work focused on ending the destructive communication before it reached a crescendo, and left both of them feeling unheard, rejected, and hurt.  We found ways to help each of them express the feelings that needed to be expressed in order for them to truly connect.  Therapy also helped each of them to express to each other, what was behind all the attacks, hurt, and pain, and to repair those old wounds.  By the end of therapy they were able to really listen to one another, and ‘fight well’ knowing that whatever they faced if they did so with a cool calm demeanor they would find a way to get through the obstacle together.

                - A woman came to therapy seeking help as she didn't know where to turn.  She revealed that she had been through many years of therapy, with various therapists and psychiatrists, though none of the work had been effective and her feeling towards therapy was rather bleak.  She revealed the many diagnoses (i.e. OCD, Panic attacks, Major Depressive Disorder,  Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, etc.) that she had been labeled over the years, none of which she really understood, and discussed the various medications that she was on to mediate the symptoms.  We worked on understanding both her diagnoses and the medications she was taking, as well as helped her articulate to her psychiatrist how the medications were working, until we found a combination that worked for her.  Through struggle and pain our work included recovery from sexual abuse, getting over her past hurtful relationships, hospitalizations, getting rid of harmful anxieties, and debilitating depression.  Today she is medication free and has built a life for herself cutoff from dysfunctional relationships of the past, a career that is thriving, and is truly at peace with herself.

                -All of these stories are real life people who have experienced the freedom that is possible in life.  I am not a salesman trying to convince you that this same result can be yours without hard work and dedication.  I am someone who deeply cares about others suffering unnecessarily, and pledge to you that if you are ready to work towards your freedom and trust in the hope you see offered in these stories, that I will be with you each step of the way.  I am proud of the growth achieved by each of the people in these stories and legitimately want that same growth for you.  Blessings on your journey whether it includes work with me or someone else, I truly hope you find the help you are looking for.

Brandon Pendergraft, LMFC
18811 Huntington St. Suite 250
Huntington Beach, Ca 92648
Twitter: @BPTherapist

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